Chilloutchair can be suspended anywhere: from ceiling joists, supports or even from a tree brunch.

We can help you with the installation!

Kids room:                                                           Living room:                                                                  Porch:




Chillout chair is a unique and luxury hammock chair designed and handmade in Latvia from natural materials. Designed as ecological product, it is modern and practical. A beach-wood peace polished by waves of Baltic Sea, used as a crossbar, gives it a unique beauty.

Attractive design, wide variety of colours and fabrics, will make Chillout chair a comfortable retreat or a standout design peace in your home (check out our gallery). It is compact and durable, it has integrated pillows and can hold 120 kg. There is fold-out leg support letting you to stretch out and lift off the ground.

Sunny summer days or long winter evenings, Chillout chair will let you relax in ultimate comfort. Swinging gently in front of the fireplace or out on the terrace with a cup of tea or a book in your hands is a great way to recover after a long, hard working week.


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Designer of the Chillout chair Tālivaldis Penkulis will help you choose best solution for your interior design.

Telefons: +371 29221047

e-mail: info@chilloutchair.lv

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